Heinkel VJ 101 A

Here is the model of the project for the vertical takeoff and landing fighter aircraft designed by Heinkel between 1958 and 1959. Known as VJ 101 A, this project was first to compete with that proposed by Messerschmitt. This competition finally ended in a cooperation between the two manufacturers who made two prototypes (the VJ 101 C X1 and X2) in a joint venture: Entwicklungsring Süd (EWR).

The project, abandoned in the late 60s, never exceed the stage of the two prototypes. Actually, the VJ-101 C was the first vertical takeoff and landing fighter aircraft to break the sound barrier] (July 29, 1964).

The model displayed is a metal one and proves to be, despite an overall minimalist design, extremely sharp with distinctive air intake lips and trailing edges. The only moving parts are the adjustale engine pods. The model as well as various small parts and test accessories are placed in a specially-designed transportation case.