S.P.C.A. 90

Here is the production of the Société Provençale de Construction Aéronautique, a company which was created in 1925 and which disappeared in the mid 30's. The plane, SPCA 90, whose one and only sample that existed, was conceived in order to ensure the missions of « colonial police ». Its first flight took place in 1932.

One can notice strong similarities with the plane of type Fokker XII ou Ford Trimoteur. This is probably about a step in the study of SPCA 90, as the vertical stabilizer of the aircraft that existed was different. The model is made of walnut, the horizontal stabiliser, masts and legs of the gear struts are in alluminium, the same as the engine cylinders. The elevator is mobile and its angle of attack is adjustable with a small brass system attached to the left side of the vertical stablisiation.